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Using Information Responsibly: Avoiding Plagiarism

A guide and tutorials on how to properly give credit for your sources.

What is the Big Deal About Saying Where I Found This Information?

It is important to always say where you found your information, as otherwise you could be guilty of plagiarizing (using someone's ideas or thoughts without giving them credit). Plagiarism is a big deal and is wrong. It could also have very serious consequences, such as a failing grade on your assignment or the class, or getting fired in a work situation. This guide will help teach you how to avoid plagiarism and its consequences. 

In this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Quote information 
  • Paraphrase information 
  • Summarize information
  • Analyze information from other people in your writing
  • Recognize the importance of giving credit to the work of others.

Use these techniques in discussion posts, PowerPoints, assignments, and papers in order to achieve success at NAU!

Note that the four tutorials will all open in a new window. Click on any section title in the left navigation bar to launch that tutorial topic.
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