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TCT390 Foundations of Terrorism Guide

Library resources for TCT 390.

How Do I Get to the Library?

How Do I Get To The NAU Online Library?

You can get to your Library Guides and Resources by clicking on the NAU Online Library link under "Course Materials" in your D2L course.

You can get to the homepage of the NAU Online Library:

  • By clicking on the NAU Online Library link in the Library Guides listed in your D2L course.
  • By clicking on the the link at the top of your D2L homepage in the navigation bar.

  • By typing in the address bar (URL bar) of your internet browser.

  • Through your Student Portal.

Introduction and Getting Started with the Online Library

Just about every NAU course requires research from sources outside the textbook! This Library Guide, or LibGuide, accompanies your course, TCT390 Foundations of Terrorism, and will provide all the Library Resources you will need to complete this course successfully. 

Contact me: From the right column of this page, you can email me or schedule an appointment. My telephone/text information will be in the NAU Librarian Here Discussion Forum at the top of this course's D2L Discussions List. We could set up a Zoom meeting so I can show you how to search to find articles in the NAU Online Library. 

New to the NAU Online Library? If you have never used the NAU Online Library, or need a refresher course in using the Library, view our Webinar, Getting Started with the Online Library. In this video, we show you exactly how to navigate the Library to find articles and introduce you to other Library and Writing Center resources. Spending 40 minutes with us will save you time in the future. There is also a LibGuide to go with the Webinar: 

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This guide was originally created by Marsha Stacey.

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