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Online Intelligence Resources Guide

Library resources for Online Intelligence courses in Henley-Putnam.

GIS & Geospatial Technology

This section is specific to maps that are created combining technology and geospatial data. Often the terms GIS and Geospatial are used interchangeably, GIS being the more common term.

However, GIS is a form of geospatial technology, as are GPS and Remote Sensing. Geospatial is becoming more popular as a broad category that encompasses these different technologies.

GIS refers to the layering of geographic information (often in tabular columns) with geospatial software, in order to create maps. Remote Sensing is another type of geospatial technology that involves the capturing of images by air or space craft (digital or analog) and their use in mapping or geospatial analysis.

 “Geospatial technology refers to all of the technology used to acquire, manipulate, and store geographic information” — GIS Lounge, Accessed June 15, 2015

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