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Federal Websites, Associations, Standards, Codes, Sweets and ARCAT

Use the questions on the Questions to Ask When Determining Credibility of Sources handout to help you determine the credibility of websites and videos. Check the information by comparing several sites or videos on the same topic. Take a few facts from one article and confirm or disprove them with another credible source (Stebbins, 2015, pp. 22-23). Use the fact-checking websites in this Guide on the OneSearch for Construction Management Information page under News.

Useful tip: Government and military websites, whose URLs end in .gov, .mil,, or, can be credible sources of information. For more tips about using information from websites, watch the short NAU video in the left column.

Stebbins, L.F. (2015). Finding Reliable Information Online. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

Each state has a building code - these codes can vary from state to state. Below is a link to a list of links to building codes by state.

In addition, there are local building codes and ordinances. The best method of finding local building codes and ordinances is by searching a city's official website for a link to its municipal code. You also may search the websites below for local government codes and ordinances.

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