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Writing Skills

Learn how to navigate the writing process

Scheduling Time For Writing

Open the PDF below to see how to schedule your own calendar:

To help yourself with your studies print and fill out the time management matrix attached below.  Filling in the hours or percentages of time spent in each area will help you see where you spend your time.

In each section indicate how much time you spent doing Box 1: Important Urgent. Box 2: Important Not Urgent. Box 3: Not Important. Can someone else do this task? Box 4: Don't Need To Do.

If you spend most of your time in Box 4: don't need to do. The fun category and only a few hours a week in your studies, ask yourself is this the best allocation of my time.

Use this time management matrix to prioritize your school and life schedules. 

Image result for 4 quadrants of life   Quadrant  1:  My paper is due tomorrow.  Must get it done.  IMPORTANT

   Quadrant 2:  Creating a study group.  Will help studies, but writing paper is first.

   Quadrant 3:  Need to take son to swimming lessons. (Important not school).

   Quadrant 4:  Watching Netflix for fun, or going out with friends.


This 11-week checklist for research papers in writing-intensive courses identifies progress points in the successful completion of the research paper. 

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