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EN1000 College Writing Guide

Library Resources for EN1000 College Writing

Are you still unsure about how to summarize?  Read what Purdue OWL has to say on this topic  

LP3 Assignment: Analyze Sources by Using Reading Strategies

Step 1: Some of the NAU Library's features have changed since the LP3 Assignment Library Introduction video was created. Watch this new "NAU Online Library Introduction" video for an overview of how to use the NAU Online Library.

Step 2: The Library's Subject Guides have also changed:

  • When researching your topic, try using the OneSearch search box in the left-hand column of this page. 

  • Unlike Google, library databases can't understand an entire sentence. So you'll need to break your topic down into the most important ideas - the KEYWORDS. View the Library's tutorial on Finding Keywords if you aren't clear on what a keyword is.
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