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HU 2100 Introduction to Humanities: Week 9: Enlightenment

Library resources for HU2100.


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Images, Quotes, & Videos for your Highlights Presentation

A great place to find images, ideas, and background information for your Highlights presentation is the following databases. 

Keywords & Phrases

Potentially helpful keywords and phrases to use when searching. Use these before adding your professional life theme term. 

  • Enlightenment/The Enlightenment/Age of Enlightenment
  • Scientific Revolution
  • Secularism
  • Modernity

Citation from Databases

All of the library databases will have the APA citations for the articles. When you find an article, image, or video, look for a "Cite" or "Citation" button. It will often be on a sidebar or at the bottom of the page. You can then copy the citations into your slides or discussions. 

NOTE: make sure to check for any errors (typos, author or title in all caps, title not italicized, etc). 

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