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APA Formatting and Style (7th ed.) for Student Papers

NAU Guide to APA

Important Citation Information for Fall 2022!


How to Find a Citation in OneSearch:

How to Find a Citation in OneSearch

Always check the citation in OneSearch with the Reference page examples in this Guide or in the APA7th edition Style and Grammar Guidelines.

How to Cite Your Vital Source textbook:

  • Check to see if your VitalSource eBook has a DOI. DOI's may be found on the eBook's copyright page. DOI's are hyperlinks (see below).
  • To find the Copyright page in your VitalSource eBook, go to the Table of Contents > Front Matter > Copyright Page.   
  • DOIs are hyperlinks (ie. beginning with http:// or https://) ex.:  
  • Place the DOI after the publisher's name in the reference.
No DOI Pattern:
Author, A. A.,& Author, B. B. (year). Title of book. Publisher. 
DOI Pattern:

Author, A. A.,& Author, B. B. (year). Title of book. Publisher.

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