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APA Formatting and Style (7th ed.) for Student Papers

NAU Guide to APA

Basic Paper Elements

Document header (click here for example)
Running head is not required.
Page numbers are right aligned and start with the title page (APA, 2020, Section 2.18).
NAU's Title page (APA, 2020, Section 2.3-2.6) (click here for example)
Document titles are in:
title case (not all caps).
not in italics.
Start the title three or four lines down from the top margin (or one-third down from the top of the page):
Paper Title 
(This line is left intentionally blank)
Student Name(s)
University Name
Course Code (such as CS1000 ): Course Name
Faculty Name
Due Date (format: Month date, year)

Abstract (click here for example)
An abstract is optional for student papers. Please check with your instructor to find out whether an abstract should be included in your paper.
Generally, an abstract is recommended for papers with 10 or more pages. 
The word Abstract is in bold, title case and centered at the top of page following the title page.
The abstract is not indented.
It should not exceed 250 words.

Body of Paper (click here for example)

The title of the paper appears on the first line of body of the paper in:
title case.

Section headings (click here for example)

Multiple levels of headings are appropriate.

Direct quotations - limited to 10% of the paper and are fully compliant with APA guidelines.


In-text Citations (click here for example) - properly cited source material

Reference Page (click here for example) - properly referenced source material

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