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Theories Relevant to Strategic Security

A list to help students and candidates at Henley-Putnam get started with theories and theorists.

What are theories and why do we need them?

In science, facts are usually described as the observable conditions.  A hypothesis is a possible explanation about a set of observable conditions.  After multiple tests of hypotheses and based on evidence, a theory is developed as a prediction as to the most logical explanation as to WHY a set of observable conditions exist.  Law is a detailed description, usually using math, to predict the results of WHAT happens with a set of observable conditions.  

In strategic security, we attempt to disprove hypotheses as a means of testing our theories and advancing an understanding of our laws.  As theories pass the toughest series of tests, they advance.  Often hypotheses are stated as research questions to drive the tests.  Research studies are attempts at finding out about the world with a goal of discovery, to further our understanding of a topic.  Many theories that have been developed as predictions of the why in our discipline are listed in this subject guide.  Please check back often as we develop the guide to assist in your research.       

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