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Business and Management Guide

This Guide covers the topics of business, human resources, and management .
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Business and Management Guide

You can get to the Library Guides and Resources for this course by clicking on the Library link at the top of the page in your D2L course.

You can get to the homepage of the NAU Online Library:

  • By clicking on the Library link at the top of the page in any D2L course.

  • By clicking on the the Online Library link at the top of your D2L homepage in the navigation bar.

  • By typing in the address bar (URL bar) of your internet browser.

  • Through your Student Portal.

You set up your NAU Office 365 email account:

1. Go to the Student Portal ( - log in with your student user name and password.
2. From your Student Portal homepage, click on the Microsoft 365 tile.
3. Sign in with your NAU Email Address and Password. Your password will be the same one you use to log into classes.
4. If this is your first time accessing your student Office 365 account, complete the additional security information (see - Student Portal for help completing the security information).
5. Once logged in, you will arrive at your Office 365 student email box. 
6. At this point, you are logged into the Library and your NAU email.

You can find a powerpoint of these instructions on the OneStop Resource Center.
Or contact Student Service Advisors: 1-800-770-2959 or

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