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Business and Management Guide

This Guide covers the topics of business, human resources, and management .

Finding Industry Information

Finding current and reliable information on an industry can be challenging.  For one thing, market research reports found on the open Internet tend to be prohibitively expensive.  It's proprietary information and it takes a lot of time to research and compile. 

The other thing you have to be careful about is bias.  Reports produced by the industries themselves should be carefully evaluated as they might not always provide the whole picture; showcasing the positive parts and omitting the negative. 

Find Industry Information


Step 1: Click on the Business Source Premier database link above.

Step 2: Enter industry profile in the first box and change the drop down menu to SO Publication Name

               In the 2nd box enter an industry name

               In the 3rd box enter a country if you want

Step 3: You may further narrow the results by clicking on anything on the left side of the results page



Statistics & Data


Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

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