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NAU Foundation Scholarship Information & Applications




Welcome to the NAU Foundation Scholarship page

National American University offers several types of scholarships to help students with tuition or other educational expenses. Scholarships applications are excepted and closed during specific periods in the year, and encourage students to check back often for available opportunities!

To find Scholarships currently being offered, visit our Scholarships & Applications page.

​Are you interested in donating or even having a scholarship in your name? Contact us at

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Fall 2023 - Available Soon!


New Student Empowerment Scholarship

Summer A 2023 through Spring C 2024 - Available Soon!


Approaching Graduation Scholarship

Summer A 2023 through Spring C 2024 - Available Soon!


So that you know, the NAU Foundation does not manage or in any other way control the distribution of scholarships offered by the university or outside entities.


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