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Doctor of Education (EdD) Program Guide

Using the Library Databases

To be a thorough researcher,
  • you will need to use multiple library databases and outside tools.  Below is a list of our education-related databases. We have tools you can use to search the databases simultaneously. 
  • If you search the databases simultaneously, you can lose some unique features of those individual databases.  Focusing on one database at a time can give you greater control over your searches. 
  • Tip: Keep a list of which databases you search and what search terms you use (a research log) so that you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel each time you go into the library to work on your literature review. 
  • Don’t forget the broader concepts related to your topic when it comes time to searching. 
    • If we think about our simple research question about succession planning, for instance, we are looking at that from an education perspective.  But succession planning started out as a business concept so searching the business databases for our literature review would also be necessary.  
  • You can view a comprehensive list of all databases by subject here. Education-focused databases to begin with:
Multidisciplinary databases that include education-related materials:
Academic Search Ultimate
Business databases like Business Source Premier can also contain information relevant to many education-related research topics.


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