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Zotero is a free citation management tool that you can use to keep your research organized. It works with your browser to let you automatically capture data and citation information while you research online.

To get started with Zotero:

1) Download it. There are 2 versions – a Firefox plugin or a standalone version. The Firefox plugin integrates in your browser window and the standalone version gives you a new window. Many students prefer the separate window of the standalone version- you can download both and find the one that works best for you.
If you download the Firefox version, you may also want to install a plugin that will let you integrate your Zotero library with Microsoft Word. The standalone version includes the Word plugin.
If you download the standalone version, you must also download a Zotero browser extension from the download page (choose the browser extension that corresponds to the browser you typically use.  Note – you cannot use Zotero on Internet Explorer).
2) Set up a free Zotero account if you want to sync your Zotero library to multiple devices. You don’t have to have an account but if you want to research on multiple computers, for instance, you’ll need one.
3) Start capturing data! This video shows you how.
4) Create reference lists using the Word plugin.
Additional Resources to Help
Quick Start Guide from Zotero – Zotero’s guide offers information on downloading, using, and organizing your Zotero library.
Zotero Quick Info – PDF that gives you information about how to get started.
Questions about using Zotero? Please contact
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