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What is a Rubric?

An instructor uses a "rubric" to grade papers and projects where there are no 'right or wrong' answers (Roell, 2019, para. 3). The rubric lists the requirements or "criteria" for the assignment and describes how students will be graded on each criteria. Students check to see whether they have met the criteria before submitting their assignments (Utah Education Network, n.d.).  
Have you made an excellent S'more? Check out the rubric on the next tab!

Roell, K. (2019, February 25). What is a rubric?

Utah Education Network. (n.d.). Rubric tool

1. Left column: read the list
of requirements, or "Criteria." This rubric 
grades the quality of each
2. Each row: a description of each level of quality for the ingredient
Points Awarded: 
Marshmallow: your S'more has one black spot, so you receive 3 out of 4 points for that criteria. 
Chocolate: Your chocolate was melted and stayed on the crackers. The marshmallow, 
chocolate, and crackers "fused" or stuck together, so you receive 4 points. Graham Crackers: The crackers were stale, so you receive 2 points.
3. Total points: Your total points for the assignment are 9 out of a possible 12.

Discussions: You will find a link to the Discussion Rubric directly below each Discussion.

Assignments or Papers:

  • On the Assignment page, look for a "Scoring Guide" or a link to a "Rubric" following the Assignment directions.

  • In some courses, such as EN1300 Composition II and EN3050 Technical Communications, you will find the Paper Rubric or "Research Paper Requirements" under the link in the left colum: Course Materials or Course Resources page.


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