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Library resources to help students with writing skills as well as reading skills in their courses..

Managing Time to Read

Getting Started!

  • Review the activities, discussions and assignments for that week for any readings assigned. 
  • Be positive about reading even if you feel your reading ability isn't the best.  The more you read the more your ability will grow.  
  • Create a schedule for reading. (See the tab Finding Time for more information.) 
  •  Read when you are most alert!  
  •  Find a place to read where you can eliminate or at least cut down on distractions.​
  • Make sure you are comfortable and have good lighting. 
  • Turn off your phone or at least turn down the ringer and turn off the notifications. 


Source: Downing, S. (2016) On course: Strategies for creating success in college and in life (8th ed.). Boston: Cengage Learning.




It is important to be organized in order to complete assignments or prepare for exams and other course requirements. Preparation at the beginning of a quarter leads to success in each course. 
  • Set goals to help you focus, get motivated and use your time wisely. 
  • Schedule time to complete assignments and other activities in order to stay organized. 
  • Prioritize tasks in order to complete important tasks first and avoid wasting time. 

Try creating a schedule for each week with tasks that must be completed with enough details so it makes sense to you. 

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