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Resources to help students with both reading and writing skills in their courses..

Think you are done?

Revising and editing go hand-in-hand and are critical steps in preparing your paper for submission. Revision is focusing on your paper as a whole by making substantial changes to your paper (i.e., moving paragraphs around, cutting unnecessary information, adding transitions, etc.). Editing is focusing on sentence-level issues (i.e., cleaning up spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors).

These phases take time so be sure to plan accordingly. It’s recommended that you set your completed draft aside for a few days and then come back to it to make revisions. This will help give you a fresh perspective. During the revision process, you may find that you have to delete sections of your paper or re-write them completely. Don’t be discouraged – every writer has to revise and edit their work. Taking the time to look at your paper with a critical eye will help ensure that you submit your best work.

Before you hand in your writing assignment, submit it to the Smarthinking tutoring service for review. 

  • Tutors are available 24/7 to help with writing (and other subjects, too).
  • Plan ahead and submit your paper to Smarthinking early, you’ll have time for them to give you feedback before you need to submit your final draft.
There is a link to Smarthinking at the top of your D2L home page.
NOTE: If you are in D2L, you do not have to "log in" to Smarthinking. If you are prompted to log into Smarthinking, close the Smarthinking page. Click again on the Smarthinking link at the top of your D2L homepage. On the System Check page, click on "Click here to continue."
Once you are at the Smarthinking site:
  • Click on "Submit My Writing"
  • Then "Essay Center"
  • Fill in the form
  • Submit your paper.

To see the tutor's response:

  • Log back in. 
  • Click on "My Sessions and Submissions."
  • Click on the title of your paper.
  • Download the tutor's Word document response. 

Want to see a paper move through the various stages of the writing process? The documents below follow one student’s paper, from brainstorming and outlining to the final draft.



Drafting & Revising

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