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Writing Center

Library resources to help students with any writing skills in their courses as well as reading skills.

What to Read

Read, Understand and Follow the Instructions in your D2L course. 

  • Start with the Learning Activities in each Learning Plan.  
  • Read the Discussion question(s) for each Learning Plan.  
  • Complete the Assignment(s) in each Learning Plan. 
There may be times that you will need to do some additional reading to help support your thoughts and ideas in your discussions and assignments.  

Learning Activities

Most of your reading materials and other activities for the course are found in this section, including but not limited to readings from your textbook.
The activities will have a list of what you should do during the week to get ready for the assignment. Some of the activities may be graded items, such as quizzes. Other activities may be ungraded activities, such as watching videos.



Throughout your online courses, the main way in which you will communicate with other students is through discussions.  These are graded assignments that you must participate in and it counts as attendance in class.
  • All students are required to post their initial discussion thread no later than 11:59 p.m. MT on Thursday of the week in which the discussion is due.  Replies to at least two classmates must be posted by 11:59 p.m. MT on the Sunday the discussion is due.  Please contact your instructor, if you have any questions. 
  • Discussions should be written in complete sentences, checked for spelling and the content should contribute to the conversation.



The assignment is a graded item that is typically submitted via the dropbox.
 A scoring guide (also known as a rubric), is a tool used to grade your assignment and is included to provide you guidance in completing your assignment. The assignment is designed to check your understanding of the material you have read (See Activities) and discussed (see Discussions) with your classmates. 

Other Reading Materials

There may be times that you will need to do some additional reading to help support your thoughts and ideas in your discussions and assignments. These materials may be 
  • recommended by your instructor
  • found as a result of your research in the NAU Online Library
  • credible websites located through a search of the internet. 
    • link to credible handout and video/webinar
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