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Henley-Putnam's Intelligence Management Subject Guide

This Subject Guide will help students locate the fundamental documents that grant and govern the intelligence activities of the United States Intelligence Community (USIC).

Library Resources Case Studies

 Introduction to Case Studies 

Library Resources Covert Operations

Covert Operations and Covert Action 

Covert Action Programs and Operations 

TP-AJAX August 1953

China Cold War

HTMERLIN: CIA's Third Force operations against Peoples's Republic of China 1949-1954

Iran-Contra 1983

PLUTO Bay of Pigs, 17-20 April 1961


Operation Mongoose During Cuban Missile Crisis November 1961-October 1962

Paramilitary Operations 1776-2000



Covert Actions in General 

U-2 Program

Study Questions

• What precipitated the U-2 program?
• Were there any lasting consequences of the program's unraveling?
• How was the program kept secret for so long?
• Was Francis Gary Powers a traitor?


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