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Henley-Putnam's Intelligence Management Subject Guide

This Subject Guide will help students locate the fundamental documents that grant and govern the intelligence activities of the United States Intelligence Community (USIC).

Professional Organizations

There are many professional organizations for personnel who work or have worked in the intelligence field.  Throughout the University’s library guides you will find those organizations specific to the topic you are searching.  This list is for associations open to the greater intelligence community and any intelligence discipline. 

Professional Organizations for Defense Intelligence

·      Defense Intelligence Alumni Association

·      Military Intelligence Corps Association

·      National Air and Space Intelligence Center Alumni Association

·      National Geospatial Intelligence Alumni Association

·      Naval Intelligence Professionals

Professional Organizations in Electronic Surveillance 

·      Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

·      Association of Old Crows

ProCerts related to IM



This guide is a work in progress.  Please keep checking back for new links.  Please contact your faculty member or program dean with recommendations on what to add.  

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