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Time Management Tips

No matter how many things you have to do during the day, you only have 24 hours to do them in, whether that is work, family obligations, social activities or school work. We find ourselves becoming overwhelmed and in most cases, our school work suffers - DON’T GIVE UP!

Here are a few Time Management apps that might be helpful:


This app is available for iOS and Android. It’s free, or you can sign up for the premium plan for $27.99 a year.

iStudies/iStudies Pro (IOS)

iStudies was named the Best College Student App in 2011. It provides color-coded calendars for each class activity to keep you organized. It’s free, with some “in app” purchases!


Todoist, available for iOS and Android, has everything a student would need. Again, it’s free but has other costs if you want premium usage.


Do you find yourself grabbing your phone when you should be studying? Try out one of these apps and start creating good study habits!


Award-winning app. Create habits, good ones! Streaks is a to-do list that helps you complete everyday tasks and form good habits. Go ahead and give it a try!


Available with iOS and Android capable and is a time tracker that discourages students from switching over to other sites when they should be studying. Take a peek and see if it can help you stay on task!


An iOS and Android app that has a unique approach. The more you stay focused and the more work you do, the more you can watch as your virtual forest grows. The student sets all the parameters of timing. In other words, if you want to study from 7 pm to 9 pm, you can set the parameter to stay off your phone, social media, etc. If you do, your forest will grow. Check it out, it seems like a fun way to get into good study habits!




Higher educational programs require a high level of commitment and motivation from both faculty and students. The following commitments equate to approximately 20-25 hours per week for a full-time student (nine quarter credits/6 semester credits).

Students must be committed to:

  • Having reliable and consistent access to the internet, as well as meeting the technical requirements to be a student at NAU. You can find technical requirements here.
  • Having all course materials that are required for each course.
  • Reading the course materials.
  • Attending and actively participating in the course.
  • Participating in teamwork and group activities.
  • Posting or submitting assignments that are original, substantive, follow the directions, and use proper grammar and APA conventions.
  • Completing quizzes, exams, case studies, and other written assignments.
  • Viewing videos, reading announcements, and completing the course-related assessments.
  • Participating in synchronous activities, both inside or outside the course room, if required by the syllabus or program, i.e., a team meeting to prepare for the team debate in the EdD program.
  • Submitting original work assignments on or before the designated dates and times.
  • Participating in the Socratic Method of education by clarifying, debating, and questioning arguments, viewpoints, and underlying assumptions.
  • Acting professionally in all interactions with faculty, staff, fellow students, and as a representative of NAU.


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