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Proctored Exams


Some courses have an exam(s) that is proctored.  To take a proctored exam, you need a functioning webcam, microphone, Internet, Chrome browser, and the Honorlock Chrome extension.  With Honorlock’s remote proctoring software, you can take your exam anytime and get support from a human - 24/7/365.  Honorlock virtually monitors your exam session and alerts a live, US-based test proctor if it detects any problems.

You have access to an Honorlock Practice Exam in your course.  You will complete the practice exam using HonorLock before finals week starts on the computer you will use to complete your final exam.  Doing so will ensure that the computer works with Honorlock and allow you to become familiar with the process.

The practice exam is not designed to help you prepare for the final exam; it only allows you to test the process before taking the final exam.

  • Click here for a video demonstration. 

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