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Proctored Exams

Remote Proctor Now (RPNow)

Some courses have an exam(s) that is proctored.  This means that you will be required to use a software called Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) to complete any proctored exams.  RPNow verifies your identity and records your browser and exam environment using a special secure browser that you download to your computer.  Below, you can find more information on RPNow.

-You have access to a Software Secure Practice Test.  You will complete the practice test using RPNow before finals week starts on the computer that you will be using to complete your final exam on.  Doing so will ensure that the computer works with the RPNow software and will allow you to become familiar with the process.

-The Software Secure Practice Test is not designed to help you prepare for the final exam; it is intended only to allow you to test the RPNow process before taking the final exam.

-Both the Software Secure Practice Test and final exam require an exam password to access.  You will not receive this password from your instructor.  You will need to use the RPNow software and follow the instructions.  The RPNow software will provide the password needed when the time comes.

  • You can get technical support using RPNow by calling 1-855-436-2039.
  • Below is a set of instructions for taking your exam using the RPNow software.
  • You can also view a video of the RPNow process HERE
  • Remote Proctor Now
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