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HU 2100 Introduction to Humanities

Library resources to HU 2100.

APA Basics

Reference page formatting  

  • All sources listed on the reference page must be cited somewhere in your presentation.  
  • Order references alphabetically by author’s last name (or article title if there is no author). 
  • Double space reference list.
  • Format sources using a hanging indent: First line is flush left, all other lines are indented.
    • In Powerpoint: Go to the Home tab > Paragraph group settings (click on the small arrow at the bottom right) > Under "Indentation" in the “Special” drop down menu, select “Hanging indent” 


  • List authors in the order they appear in the original source.
  • Spell out each author’s last name. Use initials for first and middle names.
  • Be aware that an organization (e.g., National Institutes of Health) can be an author.
  • If a source has no author, begin the reference with the title of the source.


  • If a source has no date, use (n.d.) –no date – in place of the date. 

Article, book, and chapter titles

  • Capitalize ONLY the first word in the title and subtitle (the word that follows a colon or dash).
  • Capitalize proper nouns in the title. 


Webpage or website document

Note: Websites without an individual or organizational author are generally not credible and should not be used for academic research.


Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (year, Month day). Title of document. Retrieved

from http://www.xxxxxxx


Mayo Clinic. (2014, January 24). Diseases and conditions: Schizophrenia.

Retrieved from

Media References

Online image


Artist, A. A. (year). Title of artwork [Format].

Retrieved from http://www.xxxxxxx


Picasso, P. (1937). Guernica [Oil on canvas]. Retrieved from

Online video


Author, A. A.  (year, Month day). Video title [Video file]. Retrieved from   



Palmer, A. (2013, February). Amanda Palmer: The art of asking [Video file].

Retrieved from

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