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Star Response

STAR Response

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You are most likely to endure behavioral-based questions throughout the interview process for

your future career yet many are unaware of what a behavioral-based question actually sounds

like.  These questions often start with "Tell me about an experience" or "Share with me an

example when".  The best way to field this question and make an impacting response is through

the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) response.  So, what does S.T.A.R. mean?


  • Situation: Think of a previous work situation that resulted in a positive outcome. 

  • Task: Share the tasks and goals that you were attempting to accomplish. 

  • Action: Be very specific and include details that include the skills as well as the steps taken

               to achieve results.

  • Results: Share how your actions positively impacted the overall results.  What was

               accomplished once the project was complete? 

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