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Network With Social Media



Networking with social media can be a great way to meet new people and explore new

opportunities. Be sure that everything on your social media site is professional. Most

organizations and individuals have a social media presence which makes it a powerful resource

for career and network development.    

Popular Social Media Networking Sites



  • Want to join LinkedinClick here to learn how to build a professional profile and network at LinkedIn.

  • Build a professional profile by including your resume.  This is a great way to promote your skills. 

  • Incorporate your personal brand statement in your summary or headline on your page

  • Use a professional profile picture 

  • Join groups and participate relevant to your career of choice 

  • Reach out to alumni and utilize the NAU Alumni page <insert link>

  • Follow company pages you are interested in working at to get up to date information and potential job postings

  • Utilize the job search function to find careers in your field and apply directly for Linkedin


  • Display your personal brand by making a catchy and professional twitter handle 

  • Use an appropriate professional picture 

  • Link your resume to your Twitter account 

  • Don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t want a recruiter to see 

  • Follow industries and organizations within your field to get up to date information 

  • Use hashtags to boost your searching power and save promising searches

  • Search for jobs by location, titles, hashtags or social recruiting resources 


  • Create a professional profile and ensure your security and privacy settings are updated 

  • Use a professional picture 

  • Don’t put anything on Facebook you wouldn’t want a recruiter to see 

  • “Like” groups and employer pages and show interest to the groups or pages 

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