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Job resources for all students and graduates, including veterans and dependents

Prepare for Your Career in Strategic Security 







Seek out a mentor. Work a plan of action and stick to it.  Keep in touch with your mentor. 

Join a professional association and participate in the activities as much as possible.  

Take classes that challenge you and expand your skill sets.

Research, research, and research. It may not be the most exciting part of security but finding and

linking disparate data and drawing conclusions is essential for the profession.  

Learn to communicate well in writing, oral presentations, video, and within a diverse group. You

must be able to convey a position effectively.  Develop professional relationships with your fellow

students, faculty, and staff.  Build your network.  Build a professional reputation in everything you

do...even online.


Choosing a Major


Let's face it; you would not be attending the only online school that is solely committed to security studies if you didn't have an interest in the field. However, if you are still undecided about which program or certificate to pursue, you should talk to one of our associate deans or some of the Henley-Putnam faculty.  After that, we advise that you review the course catalog to familiarize yourself with the kinds of courses each program offers.  Once you are armed with the knowledge, you should conduct a self-assessment to understand your interests and abilities.  Part of the process will be to examine what you hope to achieve within your career.  Think about other related issues such as your willingness to relocate, travel, or sit at a computer terminal.  Understand your strengths and weaknesses as well as with the strengths and weaknesses of the careers related to the program paths. The key is to choose something you enjoy!


Henley-Putnam University


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One of the critical ways that you can stand out from the pile of resumes is to show the potential employer that you can do the job.  One of the easiest ways to show you can perform the tasks is to develop an e-portfolio using your D2L account.  By creating the e-portfolio, you can provide evidence of the specific competencies that you have achieved and reflect on your education. Take a look at an example of an e-portfolio and start creating yours today.  


Review an Example E-Portfolio below:

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