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Negotiation Tips

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You have made your impact throughout the interview process and the job has been offered to

you. Now, do you negotiate or do you accept your next career opportunity?  See these quick hits

below for a few suggestions.  

  • Do not negotiate simply just to negotiate: Your wage, work hours, benefits and more have most likely been discussed at this point in the process. You may be great at negotiating but remember that every conversation that ensues after the offer potentially impacts your career path moving forward.  

  • Get excited about your new opportunity and show it:  Show your excitement verbally and physically about this new opportunity if you proceed forward in negotiation talks.  Remember, your new employer is listening and watching.

  • Confidence: If you decide to negotiate, be confident in what you are asking for.  The organization is excited to have you otherwise they wouldn't have put the offer out so now discuss what additional items you are seeking.  Be aware that you better be able to back up why you are deserving of your request.

  • Be Realistic: Your negotiations should align with the job, your skills, and the level of experience you bring to the position. 

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