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Career Resources


What is O*NET? 


O*NET, the Occupational Information Network, is the nation's new primary source of occupational

information. This site is used by most universities as a tool to show students what possible career

tracks will require as fars as education requirements. This site will also give the national averages

of what specific careers pay, the duties that will be required to perform on a daily basis, what the

demand is for that type of work, and more.


O*NET provides a dynamic framework for exploring the world of work: 


  • Information about what skills are in demand 

  • Information to help workers with proven skills transfer to new careers 

  • National labor market information on employment levels, occupational outlook, and wages 


O*NET gives Americans the tools needed to participate fully and actively in a rapidly changing world of work. 


O*NET is a comprehensive database system that collects, organizes, describes, and disseminates data on occupation characteristics and worker attributes. O*NET uses advanced technology to define the key elements of an occupation: descriptions of the worker and requirements of the work. Currently, there are over 1,100 occupations listed in O*NET; each is electronically linked through O*NET to the eight major existing job classification systems.
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