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Networking is important in finding the career of your dreams.  Studies show that professional

networking has become a major avenue for finding career placement, approximately 80% of jobs

are found through networking. The best thing about networking is that it can be done anywhere,


Networking Resource: Job and Career Accelerator - Networking. Instructions for Registering.

Who to Network With? 

  • Faculty/Staff

  • Friends 

  • Relatives 

  • Acquaintances 

  • Work Supervisor 

  • Colleagues/Peers 

  • Professionals whose service you use

  • Professional groups or committees

  • College Alumni  

  • Social Media 


It is a good idea to reach out to these people to let them know you are seeking employment and

the type of employment you are seeking. Prepare your Personal Brand Statement to ensure you

are well poised and standout. Whether networking in person or via social media, successful

networking requires a strategic and planned approach.


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